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“The best lookout tower in life is serenity.”
– Ernst Ferstl

Freedom Double Room

Occupancy: 2–4 people
Zimmergröße: approx. 45 m² (484 ft²)
Up here in the mountains, everything feels a little lighter and freer. Maybe it’s because you’re so far away from everyday life, or maybe it’s because of nature itself. Wherever it comes from, enjoy it to the fullest, let loose, and plan your days however you want. Our Freedom Double Room provides the perfect setting for a joyful vacation. They don’t set any rules, but offer you everything you need for a fun and carefree time.
Two rooms with a sliding door (separate sleeping areas)


  • Separable living and sleeping areas (sliding door, only in two rooms)
  • Grounded and radiation-free beds and a comfortable sofa bed
  • Bathroom with shower and hairdryer
  • Separate toilet
  • Coatrack with spacious closet
  • Writing desk with seating, cozy seating area
  • Large balcony with a wonderful view
  • Safe, telephone, Wi-Fi, cable TV
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